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A network of experienced trainers, all over France

  • Ergonomists, doctors, sociologists, occupational psychologists, management consultants, etc., who are familiar with occupational health problems and good practices to improve the Quality of Work Life (QWL) and thus the performance of the company.


  • The trainers are all trained in our HHQ methodology, innovative and patented, guaranteeing you national deployments with a homogeneous, shared and action-oriented speech.


  • They were selected according to their area of ​​residence to reduce travel expenses.


Our trainings are adapted to each audience and contextualized according to the sector of activity and the organization. Contact us to design a training program tailored to your organization.

Our training fees are exempt from VAT – Training organization n°73310601631

Conducting a QWL approach :

  • Getting to know each other better

  • Set up discussion forums on work

  • How can I support my teams ?

  • Understand the 4 levels of recognition to apply them

  • Developing the autonomy of its teams

  • Acting on management to improve QWL

Occupational health promotion :

  • Understanding and preventing bullying

  • How to prevent MSDs ?

  • How to prevent burnout ?

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